My parents has had Erwin's as our pest control guy for years! My dogs recently started to get ticks. So I decided to call them up! So far not a single tick, roach or spider has been seen!! They are friendly people and Kieth brings my dogs treats on the monthly visits, they love him!! Thank you to everyone at Erwin's!!

- Kassie B on 06/12/2017

Nate is very good and very knowledgable. He has always been there to help us out anytime we need him in between services typically next day.

- Bobby on 04/20/2017

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"When I had a bug infestation in my bedroom, my first response was to call one of the larger companies. Terminix offers "free estimates" but only if you're going to pay them to do the job? Orkin said they'll have their people call me back after hearing about my problem and they never called back.

I did call a local company in the past and they just sprayed around the area which killed the bugs but it did not get rid of them. So I finally got desperate and called Erwin's Pest Control.

They're a family-owned business and very friendly people. Instead of doing guesswork, they sent out a specialist who came out to inspect the surrounding area and collect some samples, he spent about 30 minutes at my home. Two days later, they sent another specialist out to explain to me what the insects were and he pulled out light switches and power outlet covers to show me where my problems were coming from. He spent about 45 minutes in my home and this was all just a free estimate with no obligations whatsoever.

I was shocked to learn that the estimate was only $40 to eliminate the problem (compared to the Terminix price of about $125 just to spray around the area). Well, he came back the next and did it and my problems were all gone.

They are very professional, the two guys (probably the only two guys that work there) were funny and approachable. No tattoos, nose rings, gang markings, and etc. They didn't smell bad or use foul language. Just think of middle-aged college professors in clean mechanic's clothing.

The part I liked most is that they didn't try to sell anything, it was like they came to address your concerns and that was it, didn't try to push a monthly package or anything of that sort. They both talked a lot and explained everything which made us feel very comfortable."

-Ken T (Review on Yelp 3/24/12)

"Erwin's Pest Control is so awesome. I haven't seen a spider, ant or roach in ages."

- Mark from Clovis

"Rob was thorough, friendly and knowledgeable. He took the time to explain what products he uses on the home, etc.. "

- Customer

"Erwin's was affordable and very professional and came out to do the job within a few days. I highly recommend this company. "

- Tiffany from Clovis

"Erwin's Pest Control has always jumped through hoops for us; they are so very accommodating. Every other month, they come out to maintain our property and remove any un-welcome annoying critters. Robert is like one of the family. He's been around for us that long. We've seen each other's kids grow up. I would be in shock and awe if anyone had anything bad about to say about Robert, he has a gentle mannerism and is a kind soul. "

- Customer

"The service is great, highly effective on ridding pests. Rob is easy to work with and has really strong communication. "

- Darryn from Sanger

Service Areas Include: Clovis, Fresno, Selma, Fowler, Sanger, and Madera, CA