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About ten years ago Fresno had the wettest winter. The water piled up in our backyard and ants invaded our house. One evening we noticed them and they were all over our living room and kitchen. The carpet looked like it was moving. It was the day before New Year's Eve. We used a bottle of spray that we had in the garage but of course it didn't do the job. My parents used Terminix, so we called on New Year's Eve, waiting on hold forever, only to be told that it was the holidays and we couldn't get an appointment until after the new year. A friend was very happy with Erwin's so I called. The owner answered his own phone! He came out himself that day. He went through our house and explained a process of spraying, cleaning, and spraying powder into the outlets. He was also aware of our small dog and took the same care to reassure us that it would be safe, but best for him to go to our parents house for a few hours. We never had another problem! No extra charges for a holiday, last minute, nothing. Just great quality, local company doing a great job. We became customers and have never had a problem. The company even thanked us with a hand written thank you card for our business and picture and bio of our service technician. Being raised the same way, I was very impressed. Now, ten years and a move later, Keith has been amazing treating our property, informing us of potential problems of greenery for bugs and rodents, and has even asked to make sure we are safe during this time of isolation with our baby. No surprise, my sister is now a happy customer that left her pest control company, and my parents call them as well. If you're looking for a local company that works hard and cares about their customers, Erwin's will not disappoint
I have been a customer of Erwin Pest Control for almost five years. I find Keith to be very thorough and professional in his monthly service. Any questions I might have are answered and explained by him or the office staff. Their rates are reasonable. I highly recommend this company.
Jean Montgomery
Erwin’s Pest Control has been providing service for us at several locations for many years. They are professional and reliable and have gone the extra mile for us whenever we have had an issue. They return calls and never make us feel bad for calling. They value us as customers. Would highly recommend this company.
We have had mosquito problems for years. With 2 applications the bugs are gone almost completely. Well worth the small fee. Nate and Aaron are great to work with and we have no problems with ANY bugs or mosquitos......Thanks Irwin's for the great service!
Jeff Young
My parents has had Erwin's as our pest control guy for years! My dogs recently started to get ticks. So I decided to call them up! So far not a single tick, roach or spider has been seen!! They are friendly people and Kieth brings my dogs treats on the monthly visits, they love him!! Thank you to everyone at Erwin's!!
Kassie B
Nate is very good and very knowledgable. He has always been there to help us out anytime we need him in between services typically next day.

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